Unlock your capital raising potential with our private capital and alternative investment marketplace

In partnership with the Wilton Group, an established, independent professional firm dedicated to providing innovative and flexible wealth management solutions, Capital Engine™ provides a secure, interactive marketplace, helping to connect private capital markets and alternative investments with high net-worth investors and family office capital in the UK. 

Capital raising just got easier

Extensive tools to manage, navigate & automate the fundraising process:

Capital Engine's marketplace provides:

  • Admin, issuer & investor dashboards
  • Project setup wizard provides intuitive navigation & project onboarding
  • Manage & monitor project activity 
  • Transaction history & tracking of users, activity, real-time project status & progress
  • Marketing tools (digital invest buttons, user messaging & automated email notifications)
  • Project snapshot (comprehensive project reviews, transaction status & investor reports)
  • e-Sign with DocuSign API integration
  • Online payment gateways (ACH, wire & check)
  • Compliance & regulations through the Wilton Group
  • Investor verification through our partner SmartSearch


Investor Features

Seamless investor registration process & experience allows 24/7 secure access to investments

Our state-of-the-art marketplace provides intuitive & critical tools for fundraising professionals to run a successful online capital raising campaign:

  • Digital invest buttons seamlessly link investors to a white labeled investment page (invest, pledge, reserve shares & donate)
  • Browse, search & view project offerings
  • Investor access to deal room to view confidential documentation (offering memorandums, subscription agreements & legal agreements)
  • Investor analytics, tracking & management
  • Investment profile selection & ability to invest as an individual, entity or international investor
  • Automated fundraising increasing productivity




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